people counting outdoors

People Counting Outdoors

Tried and tested in the harshest of weather, Video Turnstile is over 98% accurate even in the busiest situations.

Outdoor conditions such as sun, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and wind have all been experienced by the Video Turnstile system throughout the year. Video Turnstile provides footfall (people counting) data for outdoor shopping centres, walkways leading to venues around the world and even hot air balloons. Counts are sent wirelessly to a head office PC for Key Performance Indicator analysis.

With an embedded video server, Video Turnstile lets you view live video footage and verify the counts through the setup software over the internet at anytime of the day or night. As shown by the video below.

The video above shows the set-up screen for an outdoor counting position.
The green lines show the counting zone: people are not counted until they cross both of these lines.
The Up and Down counts are shown beneath the live video.
The coloured blobs on the yellow background show how the system is seeing the people. Should the system not be counting accurately during the set-up process, you can change the settings: making adjustments for the size of the people in the picture for example.

Logged people counts can be downloaded directly onto a head office PC for Key Performance Indicator analysis - for example every day, every week or even every 5 minutes.

Increasingly, managers need to know not just how many people entered their premises, but how many passed-by without going in; how many entered but didn't buy and what factors affected whether a purchase was made: staff levels, layout, promotions, pricing and so on. The Retail Sensing system provides essential information for retail decisions.

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