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Using CCTV cameras and intelligent counting units, a Video Turnstile people counting system helps you accurately calculate your sales conversion rate, and take measures to improve it. Sales conversion is simply the number of people who make a purchase divided by the number of people who enter the store. If you don't count people, you don't know how many opportunities for a sale you are missing.

  • See sales conversion per hour, per day, per week, per month, etc.
  • Count per department, per store and for the whole retail chain.
  • Integrate people counts alongside sales data and calculate sales conversion figures throughout the day.
  • Use the people count information to accurately schedule more staff at busy periods and generate more sales.
  • Measure advertising campaign success by discovering whether the campaign increased store traffic.
  • Track the path people take through the store: if someone cannot find something they cannot buy it. Seeing where people go shows whether your store needs re-organising in order to increase conversion rate.
  • See the length of time people pause at displays and kiosks.
  • Record queuing times.
  • Find how many people leave without buying anything and why: long queueing time, no staff available to convert the sale, poor store layout, etc.
  • Start counting when the store opens and finish when it closes for the day
  • Find out how we can help you count people and increase your sales conversion rate: get a quote, send us an e-mail or fill in the form below for more information on optimising sales conversion.
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How a 1 point rise in Sales Conversion leads to 5% rise in Sales | How to use Sales Conversion Figures to Predict, and Prevent, Problems | Further Reading

How a 1 point rise in Sales Conversion leads to 5% rise in Sales

A small increase in sales conversion leads to a significant increase in sales, even when no other factors are changed.

Sales conversion equation
  • Suppose your store had 50 visitors a day. Of these 50 only 10 actually buy something. Your sales conversion is 10/50: 20%.
  • Suppose also that the average spend of these 10 shoppers was £30. Total take for a day would then be £300.

If you could increase your conversion by just 1 percentage point, to 21%, how would the figures look then?

  • An average of 10.5 people would buy each day (21% x 50 = 10.5)
  • They would spend 10.5 x £30 = £315
  • Increase in sales is £15/£300 = 5%

In our example, with all other things remaining equal, an increase in sales conversion of 1 percentage point gives a 5% increase in sales.

To take another example...

  • You have retail traffic of 500 visitors a day, of which 50 make a purchase. Your sales conversion is 50/500: 10%
  • Average spend per person is £100. Turnover for the day is therefore 100 x 50 = £5000

You increase your sales conversion to 11%. Now:

  • 11% of 500 gives 55 shoppers spending £100 each.
  • Day's turnover is 55 x 100 = £5500.
  • Increase in sales is £500/£5000 = 10%

In this scenario a 1% increase in Sales Conversion gives a 10% increase in sales.

Sales conversion is one of the most useful metrics available to increase profits.

How to use Sales Conversion Figure to Predict, and Prevent, Problems

Often when a store gets busier, sales conversion rates go down: more people leave the store empty-handed. The converse is also true. If the store is quiet more of the people who are there tend to buy and the transactions at the till look in a healthy state.

Increased conversion rates can't continue to compensate for low footfall indefinitely. No matter how good sales assistants are at helping the people who are there to buy something, if the trend of decreasing visitors continues then sales will follow the customers down. At this point the problem become obvious.

Stores that routinely count their visitors get early warnings of trouble ahead. They can plan their coping strategy well in advance rather than reacting belatedly to an entrenched problem.

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